Healthy food.

Hello everyone, this time I wil talk about food and not about poetry. In the upcoming paragraphs you can read the benefits of dates and figs. I’m also writing a litlle paragraph about my favourite food.

Did you know:


Did you know that dates are one of the oldest fruits, and has a bunch of benefits. The dates we eat come all the way from the Middle-East or North-Africa. The health benefits of dates are: They prevent abdominal cancer, control diarhea, strengthen the bones, diminish allergic reactions, maintain healthy weight, lower night blindness and last but not least, it increases the sexual stamina.


Next to dates, we have figs. Figs are also fruits that goes way back and were cultivated for the first time  in Egypt. The legend also says that twin founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, rested under a fig tree with the wolf who raised them. Beside the history and the legend of the fig it’s important to know what the healthbenefits are of figs: Help lower high blood pressure, lose weight, cardiovascular effects, cancer prevention and hearthealth.

My favourite food:

saladeCaeser salad:

I really love food, and also eat from time to time unhealthy food, like everyone. But my favourite dish is Caeser salad. The first time I ate it was in Italy, a couple of years a go and I fell immediatly in love with it. It’s not only tasty, healthy but on top of that it doesn’t take much time to prepare the dish, it’s a quick dish you can prepare in less than 20min.
In the following link you can see the ingredients and how to prepare the dish in Jamie Oliver’s way. Enjoy!


And then

I always thought the words, and then, were a prelude
to something wonderful. Like seeing a ship come in or
finding a note in your letterbox, when you weren’t
expecting one. That swift, surprising transistion from
nothing to everything.

And then.

Two little words that hold a world of promise.

And then the light pierced through the dark,
forbidding sky, and the rain stopped falling.

And then I met you.

Geschreven door Lang Leav